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Reviews of I am More Than my Scars

“In Bryan Campbell’s book, I am more than my scars, he conveys power in spite of all odds he understands the value of a never-give-up attitude, times four. His first steps, literally, in being an overcomer came as a high school student. Since that time he has been able to inspire others in working through their own challenging situations by not looking too far ahead but instead just keep taking the next step. This is a book that will in instill and motivate something deep inside of you to defeat those things in your life that have caused scars and help you begin your journey to Healing.”
Cindy Langston Penner
Certified life coach

“Bryan Campbell takes the bold step of total vulnerability and raw honesty as he shares his journey through the challenge of overcoming being told he would never walk again. It is moving, engaging and transformational. His journey will not only inspire but will give you amazing insight into your own power. You will gain insight in amazingly powerful life principles that may well assist you on your journey, your challenges and allow you to step boldly into your destiny.”
Frank White 
Frank White International 
Professional Speaker, Author and Business Coaching

“I had the privilege of meeting Bryan in December of 2018. At the time, I had just started a new job and move to a new home in an unfamiliar state. I was challenged financially after being self-employed for 15 years. My life was defined by fear and uncertainty… or so I believed. I am grateful for God’s impeccable sense of timing because it was at this time that I met a man wearing a neck immobilization collar and a sincere, grateful smile. Bryan truly lives the principles he expouses. You can’t help but be inspired by his presence, words and energy. Thanks to Brian, I have refocused my intention on eliminating fear from my life. I have also my conceptions of wealth, security and prosperity.
His book begins by providing an unfiltered synopsis of his challenges, failures, and his triumphs. It segues perfectly into the life lessons he has learned. I found his book to be infinitely more engaging then traditional ” self-help books”. His experiences can’t be learned in University lectures and they are real, raw, and relatable. These lessons were literally learned through a lifetime of blood, sweat, and tears, and ultimately love and gratitude. My life has benefited immensely from our friendship.”
Andrew Glidewell, DPT

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