I AM – a Journey

Your Values, Beliefs, Attitudes and Behaviors

I AM is a book where the author takes you on a journey of a Four Pillar Process. The world is full of people of all ages who have formed beliefs in their lives. Where do these beliefs come from? How were they learned? Are they my beliefs, or are they past down through generations? An even a bigger question — How do they influence my decisions on a daily basis? It has been proven by medical experts that your core values and beliefs are formed at a very young age. Your actions are a result of your attitude and behaviors. This book can answer every question about why you choose to do something in your life.

After experiencing bullying in junior and senior high school, the author talks about where his mindset was at that time and teaches life-long lessons on how to combat self-esteem issues, depression, peer pressure, body image and anxiety. Experiencing adversity and finding solutions to overcoming most obstacles is key to discovering our core values and beliefs.

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