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The Next Step Seminars Testimonials: Cindy Penner



“In the time that I have known Bryan Campbell, he has impressed me as a man of integrity who keeps his word and treats everyone with the utmost respect.  What I like most about Bryan is his consistent positive attitude that motivates and moves people.  His energy and enthusiasm are boundless.  He has great insight into human nature and actively uses it to make our world a better place.”
~Theresa Enyedi
Independent Business Owner –


“Most of us have seen or heard some people do some amazing things in their life, but I have known Bryan Campbell for over twenty years now and the things he has overcome in his life are amazing.  Bryan Campbell embodies the qualities that inspires others to excel in their own life.  His passion for life had his attitude are infectious and ignite in others a desire to achieve what seems impossible.  Bryan stretches horizons, challenges imaginations, and instills confidence and life skills in others.  I have worked with Bryan in many capacities over the years, and his honesty, integrity, and how he gets the job done is something I strive for on a daily basis.  If it is true one man can make a difference in the world, Bryan Campbell is someone doing just that.”
~Kenny Harrison
Orange County Fire Department Battalion Chief


“As a motivational facilitator and personal coach of the staff at Z Spa & Salon, Bryan has been a huge asset to our company and we would highly recommend him to other corporate companies and small businesses.”
~Rachelle Berman
Owner of Z Spa and Salon

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